Sunday, July 16, 2006


YogaAway™ brings to individuals worldwide, the integrity of the ancient yoga teachings in a modern context.Founded by internationally recognized author and yoga teacher Bija Bennett, YogaAway, LLC is the first company to create standardized, comprehensive, yoga programs designed for the needs of travelers and people on the go. YogaAway provides its yoga services and products through hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines and other travel and leisure companies.YogaAway’s artfully crafted yoga experiences help people overcome the effects of stress, jet lag and fatigue, by promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, enhanced sleep, and clarity of mind.These experiences include:In-room Yoga Videos

About YogaAway

Biga Bennett has helped so many people and has added value to their experience in a variety of venues.. His yoga is particularly well suited for the traveler who may be seeking peaceful moments even when the schedule may be hectic......

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An Admirable Contribution

Beth Shaw, Founder of YogaFit, Receives Long Island University ... - Fitcommerce

Beth Shaw, Founder of YogaFit, Receives Long Island University ...
Fitcommerce - Jun 21, 2006
... Shaw has authored several books, produced and starred in dozens of fitness and yoga videos, and been published in various national publications including SHAPE ...

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